One year in and the momentum is growing. A year of in-market learning is driving continual improvement and fueling our drive to help you improve the borrower experience and grow your business.

How We Are Building on Certainty

Single Source Validation

Single Source Validation is a new enhancement to DU® validation service that validates income, assets and employment via one source. Currently in pilot with a broader rollout expected in 2018.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces time and costs by combining 3 steps into 1.
  • Improves the borrower experience by reducing the number of documents required.
  • Provides an alternative option to validate income and employment through asset data.

How it Works

  • Lender orders an asset report and submits the reference number as part of their DU transaction.
  • DU leverages the borrower bank account data to validate income, assets and employment.
  • Lender receives the results in their DU Findings Report.

DU Messages API

The DU® Messages API allows lenders easy access to the full set of DU Findings data and messages for loan cases they have an interest in. It is the first of many APIs in development with expected rollout in early 2018.

Key Benefits

  • Data flexibility that allows the retrieval of retail, correspondent and wholesale loan cases.
  • Ease of use by allowing DU messages to be retrieved and parsed out as needed.
  • Faster integration will have you up and running within hours, not weeks or months.

How it Works

  • Lender enters the casefile ID and borrower last name and then chooses the message type(s) they want to view.
  • Data is returned in an easy to digest format that can be parsed out as needed to drive workflow.

Servicing Marketplace

A new platform that supports co-issue sales transactions, brings sellers and servicers together to deliver pricing certainty, transparency, and operating efficiency. All loans bifurcated – selling reps/warrants stay with the seller.

Key Benefits

  • Supports sellers in their search for co-issue servicing partners.
  • Standardizes data exchange and delivery process to improve efficiency.
  • Helps sellers improve overall liquidity of their loan and servicing rights.

How it Works

  • Sellers access Servicing Marketplace via PE – Whole Loan.
  • Sellers work with the servicer to negotiate/finalize pricing, loan data delivery requirements, and agreements.
  • Once the relationship is established, the seller has access to the servicer’s custom SRP schedule (available in PE – Whole Loan or via API) and can begin co-issue sales with their associated servicer(s).

Our Partners in Certainty